Sorry for the lack of posting here and on Google Plus and Twitter. Due to complication from sleep apnea, my overall health has been in decline for a number of weeks. This weekend will be an effort to get lots of rest.

When I feel better, I hope to have a ghost generator for ACKS suitable for use with or without the Psioncist stuff I'm working on. Ghosts are so configurable, you can have almost all the monsters you need for a campaign using just them. I know that shadows are not ghosts, but I am making them similar for the purposes of the generator and the psionicist stuff. To make an analogy of what I have in mind -  Shadows are to ghosts what zombies are to Vampires.

No promises on ETA. I am not sure when I will be feeling better. I am spending more time doing the positive things to help (better food choices, regular exercise, seeing the doctor about adjusting the CPAP, etc.). I have lost about 10 pounds, and that helps a lot.

Until next time, I really hope this is my last personal post ever.