I love Adventurer, Conqueror, King. It is a great system that feels old enough for me, yet has lots of fiddly stuff including an economics system. I have enjoyed reading it for several days now.

Some time ago, I wrote about Tiezerekan, my take on fantasy in space. With the ACKS system, it seems like everything is there to flesh out this world further. I've started with a few ideas on Google Plus, but I wanted to begin posting here as well.

Since the universe is largely based on Pythagorean ideas, I wanted to start with a brief snippet about the settings central figure, Ogan Zetvar.

Ogan Zetvar's story has become more legend than fact. It is believed that he was once human and either ascended to godhood or was murdered by the gods. While he was alive, he attracted a fair number of worshipers. It is known that he began his school when he was 50 years of age. It is believed that he left his homeworld at the age of 17 and traveled the stars for over 30 years.

Various planets have stories about his teachings and strange form of magic. Common elements throughout the Ogan stories are:

  1. The spontaneous creation of some kind of animal.
  2. Discourses of the nature of numbers.
  3. Critics accusing him of atheism.
  4. One or more mathematical proofs.
  5. The teaching of an internally-sourced form of divine magic.

The last element, divine magic that did not require devotion to any particular god, is what appears to have angered the gods. Despite his death/disappearance, the unique form of magic credited to him flourishes on all known planets.

The setting is going to be renamed, once I get more written about it.