An example of a house, with a brief history of its ancestor:

This example covers House Oraiste. Oraiste was noted as a master historian but notorious for his whimsical nature. As a wymling, he was born with emerald scales that were, unfortunately, very shiny. Often underestimated in ritual battles (or battles with groundlings), he was a master strategist, equally shrewd in political and combatant arenas.

As he aged, his once brilliant scales grew black from this scales edges toward the interior. He secretly grew to enjoy playing tricks on groundlings, once posing a minor deity (She of the Dark Spots). His leadership as the first leader of the house that bears his name was considered fair and reasonable. As the God-King formed the other houses, Oraiste served as mediator. Despite his reputation, his rule was peppered with instances of severe retribution. In later life, he developed a fiery breath weapon employed to discipline his house members and destroy his enemies.

Oraiste remains the only original house leader honored by all houses.

Members of Oraiste are generally considered trustworthy sages, especially those members with similar markings of their ancestor, demonstrating their strong bloodline. Oraiste members are one of two houses that can cast spells. Physically, like all dragons, coloring and features vary widely. Members with green and black scales demonstrate a strong connection with their ancestor. Those that favor their ancestor almost universally have poison breath, developing a fiery breath as they age.