Base 16 RPG

This book makes everything base 16, including copper, silver, and gold coins. (and it's free).

Seriously, he remakes time, navigation, musical notation, numbering, weight systems.. everything.

This is how I think about campaign creation from the ground up, but I know that very few, if anyone, would play in a game where absolutely everything is Hexadecimal.

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8 thoughts on “Base 16 RPG

  1. William Nichols This book reads like a screed from the Time Cube guy except that Mr. Nystrom’s math is actually correct.

  2. William Nichols One of his detractors also argues with him about the notation of 1/3 in the tonal system.

    Here I was thinking that endless arguments about esoteric ideas were strictly a D&D thing. 🙂

  3. I once worked out a monetary framework that was used units of 1/252000 (2*2*2*2*3*3*5*5*7) of a pound, so I could support a huge range of splits.

    If you want 72 coins to the pound, no problem, nor 720 coins to the pound (though they’d be pretty small, smaller than half the weight of a dime). 63, 175, no big deal.

    Then I realized nobody would ever want to use it and moved on.

  4. John Payne I have a first rendition description of the ideas and structure of the characters and system but some recent improvements make that description unfit for general consumption. If you don’t mind I will post here again when my description has been revised.

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