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Choosing BFRPG

In my work with Nevermet Press, I wanted to work on providing statblocks for the free content, there. I wanted to choose a Neoclassical system because 4th Edition appears to be well covered. After researching various systems, I chose Basic Fantasy. This system feels the most familiar to me, based on my history of playing. The differences from Basic D&D make sense to me, but also allow for some flexibility in classes, rules, etc. The real winner for me was the 'source' content published in OpenOffice file formats. This demonstrated to me that the philosophy of the BFRPG developers is very much in-line with my own.

So, there will be content on my site from this point forward designed specifically for the BFRPG. This month will include new dragons, as well as statblocked content from Nevermet Press.

Did I forget M20? No, I start with M20 and work my way forward. I also intend to provide M20 statblocks for everything as well.

Here's to a reboot of Sycarion.com

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