In my last post, I mentioned d20Modern in the end:

A true conjurer, though, would also be able to conjure objects. In my next post, I’ll talk about borrowing the Purchase DC mechanic for d20 modern to cover this.

Inspired by Mythic Earth, I wanted to take one of the ideas presented about conjuring objects to work in S&W. In essence, use an adjustment based on the cost of an object to act as a modifier to a Saving Throw roll. I've seen others use the Saving Throw as a type of skill roll before and it seems to fit here. Still, I'll present a second option that translates conjuration into spells of "x" level. This makes anyone casting a Conjure an Object fit more into the Magic-User class as written.

The previous post covered conjuring creatures. This post covers conjuring non-magical objects.

So here's the first method for determining an adjustment to the Saving Throw. For objects that we know the value of, the following table gives up a quick adjustment:

Cost (GP) Adjustment
0 1
up to 1 2
1 - 5 3
6 - 25 4
26 - 100 5
101 - 500 6
501 - 2,500 7
2,501 - 10,000 8
10,001 - 50,000 9
50,001 - 200,000 10
200,001 - 1,000,000 11
Anything over 1,000,000 12

Want a short sword? Add a +4 adjustment to the saving throw. Chain mail? A +5 adjustment. A small galley? A +7 adjustment. Anything on the Equipment list can be easily calculated.

So what do you do for things that aren't on the list?

Start with a +2 adjustment for most things, +3 for stone and a +4 adjustment for anything made of metal. If your campaign makes use of mithril or other fantastic metals, start with +6.  After that, based on the dimensions of the object, use the table below, courtesy of the d20srd. Use either Height/Length or Weight, but not both.

Height/Length Weight Modifier
6 in. or less 1/8 lb. or less -2
6 in. - 1 ft. 1/8 lb. - 1 lb. -1
1 ft. - 2 ft. 1 lb. - 8 lb. 0
2 ft. - 4 ft. 8 lb. - 60 lb. 1
4 ft. - 8 ft. 60 lb. - 500 lb. 2
8 ft. - 16 ft. 500 lb. - 2 tons 3
16 ft. - 32 ft. 2 tons - 16 tons 4
32 ft. - 64 ft. 16 tons - 125 tons 6
64 ft. or more 125 tons or more 8

So if you want a stone statue, start with an adjustment of +3 and add +2 for being 6 feet tall. This brings us to a total of +5 against the Saving Throw to successfully create/summon a statue. How about a chakram (tajani)? Start with +4 for metal and apply a -2 modifier for a total adjustment of +2 to roll against the Saving Throw.

Lastly, if you want more than one object, add the adjustments for all the items being created. If you want more than one of the same object, add a +2 adjustment for each additional object. So if you want to create three chakram instead of one, the base adjustment for creating one is +2. Add another +4 for the additional two chakrams created for a total adjustment of +6.

Gee whiz, John, that's a lot of math for all of this.

Well, that's not all. Let's suppose that you don't want to bother with the Saving Throw mechanic. Okay, take the total adjustment calculated above and multiply it by 2/3. Round the result.

This makes summoning a statue a third level spell ( 5 * 2/3 = a little over 3 rounded to 3). Summoning a chakram is a 1st level spell.

In another post, I want to flesh this out more.