The previous post focused on magic, a topic I plan to revisit later. This post is specifically about new races. From a previous post, I mentioned a locale that had intelligent land exploring dolphins and goblins with a perchant for gunplay. After providing templates for them, I will add a few more creatures in a future post.
The races below focus on fleshing out the example setting I mentioned earlier.

One of the changes I made from the SRD is that races are not locked into all their talents. Instead, there is one or two that are set, but a range of choices for the others. I noticed that all races in the SRD had three talents, so these races are formatted in the same way.

The goblin is already mentioned in the SRD. They have a racial talent of Tinkerer, which is perfect for my group of goblins that learn to make their own crude firearms. I’ll show them as a race first, and then provide examples of these goblins in a future creature list.

Mountain Goblins:

Mountain Goblins are physically the same as their cousins. They have a green skin, very long pointed ears and are about 1 yard tall. They have high voices and a mouth of razor-sharp teeth. Like other goblins, they have a knack for salvaging and tinkering with a focus on making their own crude firearms. As a result, many Mountain Goblins have skill with firearms. Those that do not have skill with firearms have skill with swords.

Racial talents: Weak and a choice of two of the following: Tinkerer, Lucky Devil, Craftsman (firearms, blacksmithing, sword making), Precise Shot.


These land exploring dolphins are usually grey, but can be black, white, or pink. Others have two colors, grey, blue, or black on top with white bellies. Adults range from 2 to 3 yards long weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. They are quite distinctive for swimming through the air as if they are in the water. They wear a special sleeve that keeps them from drying out and provides some protection. Despite the lack of arms and legs, they have a psionic ability to manipulate objects such as swords, shields, and magic items as humanoids do. They are quite curious and playful. They usually have a lot to say and strike most creatures as very intelligent.

Racial Talents: Ghost Step, Natural Armor and one of the following: Sailor, Sixth Sense, Exceptional Attribute (Mage), Tinkerer


The Sachima claim that they are descended from the offspring of a Celestial Tiger and an ancient Sky Dragon. Although not a militaristic people, they are unafraid of any confrontation, physical, mental, or magical.

The Sachima have two very diverse paths that members of their society take. Those that choose the Path of the Dragon, learn a unique form of spellcasting that channels magical effects to erupt from their mouths. Sachima wizards believe in an ideal physical and mental strength that allows them to overcome all obstacles with overwhelming force. Though usually this comes by use of magic, Sachima Wizards are not afraid of a tough physical fight.

The Path of the Tiger teaches skill and quickness. Tiger Disciples learn cover themselves in shadow and hunt. Sachima hunters are known far and wide as the most skilled hunters in the world. Tiger Disciples also learn to be quick and silent. In tune with their bodies, some can sense the presence of others at some distance.

A Sachima may also choose the Path of the Ancestors. Those few that follow this path seek to embrace the traditions of both Tiger Disciples and Sachima Wizards.

Racial talents: Any three of the following: Dragon Magic, Hunter, Lucky Devil, Dual-Wielding, Armored Caster, Precise Shot


These creatures can morph themselves into any creature that is roughly human-sized. When they take the form of another creature, they are almost physically indistinguishable from the original creature. They cannot, however, duplicate all of a target creatures’ skills and abilities. When they take another creature’s form, they can choose one and only one skill or talent to duplicate. This talent or skill will last until the doppleganger assumes another shape. It takes some time for the doppleganger to assume a new shape, but the doppleganger will very rarely appear in their natural form

Racial Talents: Mimicry (can steal any skill, talent or attribute of one target),Weak or No Talent for Combat, and a choice of Sixth Sense, Channeler, or Tinkerer.

New Racial Talents:

Dragon Magic: Dragon Magic allows a spellcaster to manifest the effects of any spell through his or her mouth. For example, Frostburn is manifested as a stream of intense cold and ice instead of a cold touch. Like the regular spell, however, a practitioner of Dragon Magic can only affect one target. A spell like Sense Magic releases a cloud that allows the spellcaster to sense magic within that cloud.

Ghost Step: The Ghost Step talent represents an ability to move without having weight on the ground. A character with Ghost Step cannot set off pressure plate traps and will appear weightless on any scales. Their movement may or may not appear normal at the GM’s discretion.

No Talent for Combat: A character with this talent has difficulty in combat situations. When making an attack roll, the character rolls two d6 and takes the lowest result. It is twice as difficult for a character with this talent to gain a skill with a weapon.