In Lenga, work has begun on the book of spells for use by spellcasters. As mentioned previously, the difference between a spellcaster and someone that knows how to speak Lenga is the Kela. A spellcaster invokes La Kela Lenga, a mental ability, to connect the energy for the spell with the power of thew words spoken. Without the Kela, a person is just saying words in another language.

However, tiny bits of magic are available to the common man or woman. They do not do much, but can be helpful in a jam. Basically, if a person has been taught, a piece of everyday magic can be used. A person needs a small piece of metal (about the weight and size of two nails or a copper piece). It requires three rounds of uninterrupted effort to chant the phrase and perform the apporpriate motions. When a person is finished, the metal is consumed, regardless of the success or failure of the piece of everyday magic. An ordinary person can only use up to three pieces of everyday magic in a 24 hour period.

Three examples:


This piece of everyday magic allows you add spice to something being cooked. Unlike using the actual spice, the finished food will taste like it is missing a little of the spice called for, no matter how much you use. This piece of everyday magic is usually done when only a pinch remains and more is needed. If you use some of the actual spice AND spice created with the piece of everyday magic, the finished food will taste fine. The chant for this piece of everyday magic is "*" and the motion is rubbing fingers together over the item being cooked.

This piece of everyday magic removes all small stains from a small pile of clothes. The chant is “*” and the motion is a scrubbing motion over the pile of clothes. (Small stains are determined by the GM.)

Bring to a Boil
This piece of everyday magic allows a person to boil up to a gallon of water or a quart of other liquid that is mostly water (like soup or a stew) within a minute. It is mainly by healers, but is also useful for making meals without a campfire. The chant is “*” and the motion is simply holding the container for half a minute.