Floating along the Astral Sea are many planes that seem to be very close, if not duplicates of the Prime Material Plane. These False Primes present locales very similar to ones on the Prime Material. It's even possible to run into a copy of yourself.

By dint of floating around the Astral Sea, however, there are three important differences between a False Prime and the real Prime Material Plane:

  1. False Primes do not have a real Sun, Moon(s) and stars.
  2. False Primes do not have Ghosts
  3. False Primes do not have other planets.

The skies of various False Primes ranges from a blank, starless sky to a very convincing duplicate of a real sky. It may take observers some time to notice oddities. The False Prime sky, for example, may have stars that do not twinkle and/or a lack of constellations. Astrologers really hate these places.

The lack of a sun also affects a few powerful spells. One such spell summons a bit of the Sun to generate fire and heat, since there is no Elemental Plane of Fire to get it from. Such spells do not work on planes in the Astral Sea.

Being located in the Astral Sea prevents Ghosts from appearing on a False Prime. A ghost is the spirit of a creature that never escapes the Ethereal Plane to reach the afterlife, usually an Outer Plane that lies outside the Astral Sea. In other words, the spirits that become ghosts never make it to the Astral Sea to be inhabitants of one of the numerous planes. When a creature dies on a False Prime, the spirit travels directly to an Outer Plane without having to transverse the Ethereal.

Having no planets has a smaller effect, in some ways. There are spells that summon moon material that are affected. Also, not every planet has creatures that have mastered interstellar travel. However, the biggest effect is the inability to invoke the planets to divine the future. As noted earlier, astrologers do not like planes in the Astral Sea due to the inability to divine information from the stars. This also affects Lesser Divination magicks that do not invoke deities or extraplanar powers directly.

Summoning Primordials from these False Primes is pretty straightforward as long as the summoner hasn't visited too many False Primes. The more False Primes visited (or studied for the purposes of summoning various primordials), the more difficult it is to summon them.

The advantage for a summoner to call creatures from a False Prime, is that he/she can potentially summon very powerful creatures. Next time, a False Prime that feature a very powerful creature as its primordial, the Follykin Skraa.