Hospitality in Samoora

On Twitter, someone asked what is are the customs around hospitality?

I started with one area and defined the entire map. The link above has all of the regions in Samoora. This was the first and favorite:

For humans on Porta Nile, the guests present a scrap of found magic and a bowl of fresh seafood, small container of spices, or a bowl of food. The host cooks everything and provides two of each item. All gathered work to piece together the scraps of found magic.

Porta Nile is the island in my campaign with the ancient alien shipwrecked technologically-advanced crabmen driven insane by inbreeding, broken tech, and animated golems made from their discarded exoskeletons. The humans survive by picking up pieces of the wreckage that fell all over the island and using it to create their own magic-tech defenses from the crabmen's relentless raiding parties.