Recently, JEShields put out a call for writers. I'm happy to say that I am one of the writers chosen.

The deal is that I have great creative freedom to write pretty much what I want for the RPG system(s) of my choice. James and I still have to agree on the projects and set timelines, but so far that has not been an issue at all. Honestly, the biggest limitation was me.

I'm really excited. It has been about six years since I got to work together with an artist to make cool stuff. I'm also excited because James works with a lot of indie game folks, including Evil Hat. So when I submitted my resume, I wasn't expecting to get picked.

I want to write a lot of things, so it felt difficult to pick a place to start. Once I looked at artwork James has already done, it didn't take long to make a pitch for creating a Swords & Wizardry monster book along with a three module series. Everyone needs more creatures, especially me. I've got a bi-weekly group to challenge. 🙂 There will be more about this once contracts are signed and the project is named.

I also want to make material for White Star. I bought it yesterday and I love it. I don't want to overlap anything James Spahn has coming down the pike, but there's a lot of room to work with. One idea I had is to create the Eye of the Needle setting as a sandbox using the White Star rules. I've also thought of making a mecha/tank game inspired by all the FASA games I played in the 80s.

Beyond that, I've been working on a generic RPG that uses two six-sided dice and a standard deck of cards. It's something straightforward for casual gamers, but open enough for more dedicated gamers.

That's the big news. Like I said, more details on projects as they are finalized.