As I've said before, I didn't play much when I began the hobby, I usually was the DM. I did play pretty regularly, but unfortunately, I don't remember much about my life as a player. Even in college, I remember playing Champions, Marvel Supers, D&D, and Ars Magica, but not enough to even remember my characters' names. I seemed to jump around a lot, never letting a character do a lot before changing to a new character or a new game.

To give you an idea, here are the character sheets I have managed to save over the years, despite losing half my gaming history to an impounded car:

Gary was the only one to have a name. As Halflings go, I'm sure he would have been great, maybe even epic. The other two characters don't even have names. You'd think that they were meatshields, but I wrote them up in a different way. These characters were intended to be played, but for some reason, the issue of a name never arose.

I am proud that the fighter killed a rust monster already in his young career. He'll live in infamy for grabbing a tree limb and beating the thing to death. More than that is lost to the shroud of time.


These have to be from 1984 because I used the Red Box character sheets most of the time during that year. (I used to love to go to my dad's workplace and make copies.) When I ran out of copies, I made them on notebook paper to look just like them.

One character from that time stands out as I look back now, Glendon the Elf. He was 7th 8th level with all sorts of insane equipment. I submit for your approval, the character sheet of Glendon, the Elf.

You'll note that Glendon slew the dreaded Biogre. This foul, two-headed fiend was a cross between an ettin and an ogre. It was 11 Hit die, but otherwise was the same as an ettin. I sure wished I remembered why on earth he slew a giant black cat.


After an exhuastive search, I located my Ars Magica Companion and Grog as well as our original 1e Oriental Adventures party. They were in the box of the Companion Set. (Go figure).

My favorite though, remains Glendon. Who knows what we might have done at 9th level...