Kelyn was born into a family of modest means. For reasons known only to the gods, he was born an only child. Others in the village of Issenthale, where he grew up, considered this a bad omen for the family. It wasn't his use of magic - a handful of children in Issenthale had the gift. More than that, the local mage was friendly enough and did what she could to help crops grow and protect the village from goblin and ire goblin raiders. What troubled the people of this small village was that Kelyn manifested his powers at five years old.

Most children with the gift do not begin to manifest the gift until twelve or thirteen years old. Even the local mage marveled at his tender years. She immediately began his training despite the fact that Kelyn's family could not afford the training. She was more concerned about him controlling the power rather than money. She felt responsible to do what she could to help.

When Kelyn began his training, the mage soon discovered that he had a great talent for magic. He had a knack for learning the language of magic very quickly. At the time, his ability to manifest magic seemed to be quite limited.

After two years, though, the mage doubted her ability to handle him and recommended that the family send him to her mentor in the city of Ilrion. The family did not want to be separated from Kelyn, but painfully agreed that it was best. The mage supported his training to avoid inflicting double pain on the family.

On the journey to Ilrion, he managed to make his favorite toy move on its own. Although roughly formed from odd-shaped wood scraps, Kelyn loved this toy because it was made by his father. Kelyn managed to hide his toy's power for a number of years while he trained.

When he ended his training at the age of 17, he made an unusual request at his graduation. The custom was that a graduate could only take one item from the house and the clothes on their back. Most graduates took the opportunity to take one of the magical devices the great mage either made or found on his many journeys. Kelyn asked only for Mishabroo, the toy made for him by his father. The great mage knew that it had some magical power, but he dismissed the animated toy as a trifle.

Those that know of  Kelyn of Ilrion are well aware of the error of that assumption. Mishabroo is the feared companion of Kelyn. Despite its rough appearance, unchanged since its creation, Mishabroo demonstrates a wide range of powers.

Since Mishabroo was awakened on that journey to Ilrion, Kelyn has imbued it with many abilities. Mishabroo has been given a level of intelligence and an ability to communicate through telepathy. Mishabroo can also plant any memory it possesses into the mind of another creature. These memories include many that Kelyn has placed there himself. If Mishabroo is somehow teleported away from Kelyn, it will always reappear at Kelyn's side a short time later.

In combat, Mishabroo can grow to twenty feet tall. It can also transform into stone or iron at any time. It can also extended any one of its limbs out to double its current height. When this power is manifested, the hand and limb appear to be attached by a thick rope. The rope is not visible until this specific power is manifested.

Using Kelyn and Mishabroo

Kelyn is ultimately fated to become a god of magic. When Mishabroo has all the powers described above, Kelyn is almost a demi-god in power. At this point of Kelyn's life, he has researched several unique spells, he has created all manner of constructs and bizarre creatures. He has traveled the Astral Sea and is able to summon any primordial he wishes. He has traveled to the stars and knows how to construct a spacefaring ship.

If Kelyn is encountered just as he is graduating, he will be a 4th level mage. At this point, Mishabroo can communicate through telepathy and has the intelligence equivalent to a dog. Mishabroo can also extend his limbs, however he cannot grow in size, nor manifest any of the other abilities listed above.

Kelyn is at his weakest at this point if you use the ACKS rules. He is not able to create scrolls, potions, etc. He can only imbue Mishabroo with powers from spells he already knows. This means his spell book contains: ESP, Phantasmal Force, Extend Limbs (a custom spell taught by his mentor) and any other spells the GM wishes to provide.

Once Kelyn is able to research spells at 5th level, he begins to amass formulas for creating magic items and generating his own spells. His spell book should include many custom spells, including the processes to call specific primordials.

At levels between 4 and 14, here are some guidelines for the powers that Mishabroo has and certain spells that should be in Kelyn repetiore:

6th level - Mishabroo can visually plant a memory in any creature. Kelyn has just begun to place his own memories into the Mishabroo. Mishabroo can also communicate telepathically and has the intelligence of a dog. Kelyn should have at least Clairvoynace, ESP, Phantasmal Force, Extend Limbs.

7th level - Mishabroo can manifest all powers listed above and can grow to twenty feet in height. Kelyn should have all the spells listed above plus his own spell Grow Wooden Objects. This version allow him to increase the size of any wooden object up to 20 feet tall or double its normal height, whichever is greater. Intelligent creatures get a saving throw.

9th level - Mishabroo can manifest all powers listed above and can turn to stone or iron. Kelyn should have all the spells listed above and the custom spells, Transmute Wood to Stone, Transmute Wood to Iron and Transmute Iron to Stone. All these spells are similar to transmute mud to rock and are reversible. Kelyn should also be able to reliably summon three types of primordials.

11th level - Mishabroo can manifest all powers listed above and can teleport back to Kelyn if it is teleported away from Kelyn. Mishabroo has the equivalent intelligence of a monkey. Kelyn should have all spells listed above and the custom spells Prevent Teleport, Reverse Teleport, Track Teleport, and the ability to call at least five types of primordials. In addition, Kelyn can also creature items that temporarily increase the target's Intelligence.

14th Level - Mishabroo has all the powers listed above and it has the equivalent intelligence of a human (INT 9). Kelyn has many ritual spells at this point. These include Dimensional Lock, Protection from Spells, Maze, Trap the Soul, Clone, Mage's Disjunction, Astral Projection, and Time Stop. Kelyn has also written the Codex Primordicalus - a complete guide to summoning any primordial.