Missed the Deadline, Marked 1 XP

It's one of those lessons in game design I see in a post about once every two weeks. It also appears in writing circles, Lifehacker posts, and at least one TED talk:

Perfectionism will kill a project.

The primary reason the game was not finished on time was that I kept tweaking how the Greek letters would be used in the game. Once I stopped fiddling with that, I only had 24 hours left to edit/revise/rewrite. I know that my health decline over the past ten days contributed, but that was a small part. The lesson here is that Good Enough gets finished on time, Perfect is never published.

I am quite disappointed, but I'll mark an XP and just keep going. Like so many other projects, it will see life eventually. I have it mostly written, but now it requires a severe pruning. I think I can get the basic rules on a character sheet and the full rules in about ten pages. Right now, I'm somewhere near forty pages of notes, so that will take a bit.

I also learned that the cause of my health problems has a more profound affect than I thought. I have sleep apnea, yet despite a fully functional CPAP and the successful treatment of my allergies, I am not getting any sleep at all.

I passed grouchy two days back. I really thought that switching to half-caf coffee (one cup) from decaf coffee (one cup) would be okay. It is not okay and that leads me to lesson two:

Bad ideas happen. Learn from them or everyone around you suffers.

That's about it from here. I hope to most more frequently due to some technological changes, as well as changes to my schedule. That leads me to my third lesson:

Ideas are cheap - Execution of those ideas is king!