It has come to my attention that another role paying game used the term 'Hesperian' to refer to a Roman-based society in an alternate future. Although I came up with Hesberian independent of them, the folks at Steve Jackson Games came up with it quite a bit earlier than I did. I do not want to infringe on their trademarks at all. It's obvious to me that as they have prior art (I know it's not a copyright thing) I need to change.

So, the Hesberian Empire material I came up with will have its name changed again. I am making certain that there are no duplication of specific people mentioned in other products. Awrelius will have a name change to Cutelium, but others with different names should be okay.

Henceforth, the empire that dominated Dira and influences Lenga is known as the Bedrian Empire.

Nabrolus Kenuraque Bedrianus
For the Senate and Ken of Bedriana

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