Long term, I want my posts to be more polished. I hope to spend some time mulling over the idea and performing some basic editing. After all, I do have an English degree - I feel like I should write like I do.

In any case, here are the latest idea sketches:

Self-healing wood:
Black Birch creates the most BTUs per cord. It is an American wood. The difference between it and the closest type of wood available in Europe/Asia is about 8%. What this means is that certain wood from the North American continent will be the most prized and the most expensive.

Coal is a more efficient fuel than regular wood. It is lighter and it generates more heat than wood. Self-healing wood is a popular option, but there is still a place

The other key to self-healing wood is that it cannot be grown. It can only be created from normally harvested wood.

Self-healing wood and cannon don't always go together. You can sink a ship made of self-healing wood, it will sit on the ocean floor, pristine and intact. Wood heals, but not fast enough to keep water from coming in. Once underwater, it will continue to heal. It will not allow barnacles or other things to attach to it.

Open D6:
Since the Septimus announcement, there has been buzz about what fans and vendors will create under the D6 engine. ComStar, no surpise, has expressed interest. More than a few fans are showing up eager to use D6 to go where other systems cannot.

I like the ideas around a creature compendium and conversion from other OGL systems. I'm not so much into the special abilities as much as templates (like classes in d20), bestiary (already stated), and spells (although many will be redundant).

After the one page dungeon, if I can finish by tomorrow, I'll start on some of that. I'm typesetting D6 Fantasy Creatures (much harder then D6 Fantasy Core book), so I'll add on my conversions later.

Big thing for me is the very large stat block required each creatures. I would like a shorthand stat block, but I can't figure out a way to do it.

There's more, but I've lost some of my notes. More later...