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NaGaDeMon 2022

This year I am going to post my remix of 5e lore. Right now, this may not make much sense, here is what remix means specifically (in no particular order):

  • Two types of deities, Gods and Titans
  • No Alignment (including spells)
  • Feat Requirements
  • Optional Icons similar to the Archmage Engine. (Example: The Six-Armed Man)
  • Dragons organized by House instead of Chromatic/Gemstone/Metallic distinctions
  • Major Changes in Elemental and "Outer" Planes
  • As much of a bestiary as I can finish in a month
  • Travel in space, the Astral Sea, the Ethereal Plane, and anywhere else you want to go.
  • A different name for D&D Golems, automatons, and many other creatures with English names in parenthesis.
  • Using Ancestries, Bloodlines (maybe) and Cultures instead of race.
  • Magic weapons, Unique Magic Items, and spells.

A note about naming. I took a few Old English classes in college and still have my textbooks. Using a mix of English, Old English, Welsh books, Irish books, Frisian, and some things I've done with vulgarlang.com, I want to see how different it feels when there is a consistent, but different naming system for creatures.


I've modified tools to more easily make magic items and creatures on my computer locally. I still won't have much art, but I'll have content written. I've actually written about 25% of this.

Another idea that I've had for some time is the equivalent of stock art for writers. In other words, I make adventures, creatures, magic items, etc. with only descriptions, text, and statblocks. All of this stuff will be OGL, so folks can go crazy with it.

Tomorrow will start with Astral Sea, the Ethereal Mists, and the Elemental Planes.

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  1. simonsmrt

    Hi Bear, Have you ever read Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway? While it merges wargaming and roleplaying it is by and large a role playing game but not exactly the most friendly system unless you have a first class honours degree in medieval history, and astrology and theology.
    BUT it is very interesting read nevertheless and I’d say an excellent reference tool. It was written by a Cambridge University Professor and his chums attempting to put a RPG into a real life historical medieval world albeit with monsters and spells, legends and religion with active deities. The game itself is clunky although I persevered with it for some time before I got too lazy. It’s well worth looking out for if you haven’t already come across it.
    Quite a bit has been said about it over the years, a lot of it unkind but also some appropriate criticism.

    • Bear

      I haven’t read it, but I have heard similar things. I should pick it up.

      Thank you!

      Believe it or not, American Football fits into all of this, too.

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