The beginnings of actual work for the Andras project will start with a book about all the various forms of magic. This will be a standalone work at first, complete with translations for S&W and LLAEC.

Yes, there will be spreadsheets.

Here is the Rough Outline

Wizard archetype description
Wizard Classes

  • Mage Class (traditional wizard)
  • Arcanist Class (Skill-based wizard)

Wizard Schools of Magic

  • Abjuration
  • Time
  • Conjuration/Summoning
  • Enchantment/Charm
  • Illusion
  • Alteration
  • Greater Divination
  • Invocation/Evocation
  • Necromancy

Specialist Mages
Alien Schools of Magic

  • White/Grey/Black (for settings without clerics)
    • Thaumaturge ("White" Wizard)
    • Draíochta ("Grey" Wizard)
    • Kataraturge ("Black" Wizard)
  • Elemental Schools (For the Ptolemists)
    • Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Void
  • Change/Move/Summon/Augury

Wizard Skills
Wizard Spells
Arcanist Spells
Learning Spells

For the GM
Initial Wizard Spells

  • Mage vs Arcanist

Acquiring New Spells
Spell Research

  • Mage vs Arcanist
  • Research "Effect Only" changes in Arcanist spells

Appendix 1 - A different classifier magic idea
Appendix 2 - Mages and Arcanists for S&W
Appendix 3 - Mages and Arcanists for LLAEC
Appendix 4 - Justifications and Design Notes

So now the work begins to create a book of magic options for friendly neighborhood old school game.