OpenD6 Spell Building

The May Campaign has been pushed back until the kids finish school in three weeks. There's some time to play, but my son's workload is pretty heavy.

In the meantime, I have done the heavy lifting to adapt OpenD6's Values and Measures table to imperial units. I have also added values for information (assuming 250 words per page, 500 pages to a thick book, etc.).

I'm going to leverage the OpenD6 Magic system for building the boring parts of a spell, and then offer a bonus to use random descriptors.

The reason for this is that the world my kids are exploring doesn't have a set magic system. Magic is regional, cobbled together by what folks have available. The effects are roughly the same (magic bolt to deal damage, morph into another creature, turn invisible, wards, telepathy, etc), but each region has strengths and gaps in what their magic can do.