The word of the day from the folks at provides an interesting adjective. Here is one of the examples of usage provided on the site:

As for Neeson -- of the nose-heavy, asymmetrical countenance and shrewdly darting, soul-searching eyes, he is a lopsided Gary Cooper redivivus -- hardly something to sneeze at.
-- John Simon, "Michael Collins", National Review, November 25, 1996

Note that the proper usage is (Name of Person) redivivus.

Within an RPG with many forms of undead, such a name could add story elements by naming an individual 'weaker' undead. (zombies, wights) It could also be used as a title for more powerful undead (vampire, revanant). The latter usage gives a more regal feel because redivivus is a purely latin based word.

Here's an example of a third person referring to a zombie of someone recently deceased: Tragen, our mayor, is dead, but Tragen Redivivus roams the village terrorizing our citizens....

I can easily imagine a vengeful revanant placing this name upon himself upon his return to the physical world: Tristan was felled by a corrupt guild under the iron rule of Kuroun Fes. As Tristan Redivivus, I will see justice done by the force of my will and the blade he placed in my back.

I leave it to others to decide if such a title is appropriate to a lich.