I posted these on Friday while waiting for my ride to some camping, gaming, and hang-out time with my friends. Correction have been made to elucidate certain posts cut short by the 130 character limit (the tag was 10 characters). There are also additions due to my time being cut short. (My ride got there.)

  • Outlining an rpg project for Aug-Sep. The Reclaimed Lands.
  • Colonization spaceship crashes in a Hyborean age world.
  • Colonists are attacked after crash landing. locals consider them demons.
  • Colonists have early advantage, but both sides suffer heavy casualties.
  • A detente is reached. mind magics enable negotiations. all land west of the demarcation line belongs to the aliens.
  • Locals build a huge wall on their side of the line. peace lasts for 200 years.
  • Now the colonists are desperate. they need more space. They have not been able to master sea-craft.
  • The colonists are also suffering from a wasting disease with no cure - even with magic.
  • The locals are battling a demon lord amassing forces in the south.


  • The colonists have a limited ability to repair their damaged technology.
  • The current generation of colonists (fourth generation to be born on their new homeworld) embrace local culture and magic and seek to travel beyond the wall.
  • Dragons are amongst those rare creatures that fly over the wall into the colonists territory.