Lenga is currently based off the Mnemosyne System. An RPG agnostic sourcebook is in the works. It is the intention of Sycarion Diverstions to make Lenga available as a campaign world for MIcrolite 20 and OpenD6.
L01 - Basics:

  • Added mention of the Paranormal (PARA) Group of attributes.
  • Still need to add definition for Lenga and explain that magical terms include the lenga word for that term. The use of Lenga in playing is entirely optional.

L02 - Attributes:

  • Added descriptions of the PARA Group of attributes
  • Changed the STR table to reflect recomputed dead lift numbers.
  • Created approx IQs for various INT scores.
  • Added new Derived Attribure: Mana
  • Changed formula to determine MOV and changed example. The old example allowed Swingin’ Sam to win the world record in the 100m Dash.

L03 - Traits:

  • Created new Advantages - Mage(Echewe) and Sorcerer(Surgura) that grant characters the ability to cast spells.
  • Created new Disadvantages - Night Sorcerer (Asoka Surgura) and Slow Mana Flow (mtororoke).
  • Need to add new advantages/disadvantages pertaining enhancing magic.
  • Need to add the ritual magic advantage - doesn’t have levels like Mage/Sorcerer

L04 - Skills:

  • Added Skill Groups for each of the five elemental forces. Each Skill Group automatically comes with Bolt, Blast, Wall/Shield, and CounterMagic skills.
  • Need to add Skill Groups appropriate for setting.
  • Need to add Skill Groups for Divination and Ritual Magic.

L05 - Action Points

L06 - Rules - Actions

L07 - Rules - Combat

L08 - Rules - Damage

L09 - Maps & Figures

L10 - Weapons

L11 - Armor

L12 - Inanimate Objects

L13 - Adventures

L14 - Experience

L15 - Character Creation Recap

L16 - Glossary
L17 - Magic described:

  • Magic defined.
  • CounterMagic defined.
  • Five elemental forces explained
  • Dueling explained
  • Translation of OGL D20 spells. (Currently 10% completed)
  • Explanation of the four cycles.

LAA - Appendix A: Extended Attribute Tables

  • Attributes generated to 120 for each score with examples if applicable.
  • Removed Mega Damage category (made obsolete)

LAE - Appendix E: Divinations and Tokens

  • Examples of various divinations and tokens given.
  • Names of spellcasters using a specific token/divination technique will be provided in English and Lenga.