Some time ago, the Blacksburg Tactical Research Center wrote an interesting game aid called Guns, Guns, Guns. The interesting thing was that this was a system designed to help the GM create consistent weapons of all kinds. Everything from swords to railguns are covered. Not only that, you can create weapons that are "ahead of their time". For example, the tech exists for a rail gun today, but no standard issue soldier has one that we know of. However, if you want to have a secret commando group that has a prototype, there is a way to create one.

Swords? Yes, swords, axes, bows and crossbows. All of these are detailed as well. One thing to note is that there is a theory that a heavier blade delivers more damage. That is mostly true. Mass and velocity do the damage, not just mass alone. Given that, it balances it pretty well. Still, if you put in an unrealistically heavy sword (like 10 kg for a two handed sword), you'll get a powerful blade. That is probably the book's only flaw, though it suits RPG pretty well.

I am creating spreadsheets to cover all kinds of weapons, including a 'gun' for Bedriana. I'm using magic in a slightly different way than I'm accustomed, I'm using it to create better 'black powder'. The shot will still be stone or a round iron ball (which is not as accurate as a slug). It's great to be able to create this.

Even better, a consistent system for everything from a club to a particle beam.

Oh yeah, there's lots and lots of math.

sorry, I drooled a bit.