So I have the wonderful issue of having too many possible dragons.

With ten houses plus two more ancient bloodlines, there are a possible 120 different dragons based on my system.

For OSR Games, not that big of a deal. For a 5e statblock, I'd either need to use my private critterdb server or use one of the various statblock making software options out there.

Still, I am enjoying tweaking the system. Some changes from my last post:

  • No more rolling a third bloodline. Roll only two.
  • When a dragon becomes an adult, he/she will gain a second breath weapon determined by their secondary bloodline.
  • Each bloodline grants a special ability.
  • Most physical characteristics of a dragon will match the house a dragon is a part of, not the primary bloodline. The scales (color, size, shape, pattern) will be determined by secondary bloodline.