Thoughts on Lorica

Some time ago, I worked on a mecha game for Swords & Wizardry called Lorica. I avoided talking about heat because that was something that always frustrated me in Battletech.

Based on the inspiration from this post, however, I think I have a way to include heat. I haven't worked out the details yet, but I'm sure it will be heatsinks to heat production with each to hit roll adding to the heat meter. Go over the meter and roll a save to avoid overheating.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Lorica

  1. Yeah, but if I remember right, heat management is what Battletech is all about. It was actually a pretty svelte way of handling how many attacks a mech can make in a round.

    The heart rate mechanic is interesting but it could really use an example to show it in motion.

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