As a DM, I loved to provide players the opportunity to play just about anything. In many ways, I think like the gentleman behind this post about his 52 core races.

Because of that, I didn't have many humanoids as monsters. Whenever the random encounter tables would give me something like Bandits, I'd substitute orcs, gnolls, kobolds or ogres, depending on the level of party. Outside of that, I'd have to defer to the world's most interesting DM:

I don't often use humanoids as mosnters, but when I do, I use giants.

When I say use giants, I mean all of them ranging from the Hill Giants to Titans and a few extra ones in-between. To create a surprise for one of my groups, I developed a Swamp Giant. (It was the only place I could think of that didn't have one in the Monster books until the Fog Giant and Mountain Giant appeared in our Fiend Folio.)

Once we got the MMII with the fomorian, firbolg and verbeeg, I realized that I didn't need to define them by their climate. After that, giants with various names appeared in my adventures that were more like the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk than anything else. Nothing I enjoyed more than having the big bad turn out to be an evil, intelligent giant.

Anything bigger than a Hill Giant couldn't be softened up much by a dozen henchmen. Anything smarter than an ogre presented an actual challenge: the giant would send ogres with an ogre mage to soften the party up. More powerful ones would send Hill Giants. I even had a magic-slinging Fire Giant use a Storm Giant he had blackmailed as a body guard.

What do you mean the Storm Giant wasn't the one terrorizing the area and threatening the local baron?

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present the original Swamp Giant and his sidekick, a giant nutria and muskrat. The Giant Bain Red Racoon was on the back, but the stats are not complete.