Sometimes an idea won't let go even after analysis. Here's a more streamlined novel dice mechanic.

The game has various target numbers for success based on difficulty. They start at 0 increasing in increments of 3.

When rolling for success, you have a fudge die, a skill die (d4 through d12), and a luck die (d4 through d10)

On a roll, the fudge die tells you to add, subtract, or multiply the skill die and luck die. For subtraction, it is always Skill - Luck = Result. (Yes, this allows for negative numbers).

When you generate a character, the character has a d6 and a d4 die to use. You must choose a skilled or lucky tag. A skilled character starts the game with a d6 for skill and a d4 for luck. A Lucky character starts with d4 for skill and d6 for luck.

The character also starts with three positive traits and one negative trait. Each positive trait adds one to the result of the skill die, each negative trait subtracts one from the result of the skill die.

An example character Mezteloc the Sorceror
Mezteloc chooses to be a skilled sorcerer and begins with skill die of d6 and a luck die of d4.

He chooses three traits: Conjuring +1, Metamorphisis +1, and Survival +1. The negative trait is Melee -1.

As a skilled sorcerer, Mezteloc often finds himself searching for mystic items and esoteric materials to grow in power. Being able to forage for a bit of food during his excursions helps him to rely less on minions and leaves more time for research. He sees no need to spend much time learning the art of combat, his magic can protect him better than any blade possibly could.

Example of Play
While Mezteloc is searching for the lost Tome of Ra'Nesh-Xila, he encounters a couple of brigands that demand his money and his life. He quickly attempts to conjure a bear. The referee sets the difficulty at 9. Rolling the dice, the results are Multiply, 2 (skill), and 4 (luck). For conjuring, Mezteloc adds one to the skill roll to make it a 3. 3*4=12, a success!

After showing a magic word (???) and slashing like a bear, an ursine minion appears to dispatch of the brigands.