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I try not to broach the fourth wall too much and directly address readers. Indulge me for just a few words to talk about the nature of my posts versus the intent of the downloadable stuff.

When I generate a post, I'm not going for something free from errors. In fact, I welcome any comment about glaring omissions, bad ideas, or kindly inquires about my sources. I even look forward to non-abusive-dude-what-were-you-smoking rants. The point is, many posts are a way to write down ideas in a public place. Some of these half-baked ideas may be developed further, some will not. A series of posts may contradict each other. Take for example the development of the Arcanist. It began with a nod to OpenQuest and will end with a new skill/proficiency mechanic, nods to OpenD6, and the ability to give cantrips to NPCs. Following the threads may be an unholy mess...

Downloads (mostly pdfs and odf files) are intended to be higher quality. I want it to be a finished product suitable for including in a game if anyone wants to use it. So when the Arcanist PDF comes out, it will be the result of effort in layout, ODF template creation, Scribus work, and editing by one or more of my non-gaming friends.

I haven't done any downloadable stuff  since I began regularly posting again this March except for the first draft of the Arcanist. I didn't take it down, but I did make an apology for it's poor execution. In the big scheme of things, it's no big deal, but it did bother me for a long time that I got this idea in my head that I had to publish something, even if it was bad.

Posts will come streaming along like the text of Finnegan's Wake, but when an idea is finalized, I hope the resulting download will be something worthy of your consideration.

Without any suitable way to end this, here's a poll that relates to the previous post about a creature similar to a fire elemental. If the Elemental Plane of Fire doesn't exist, what would you call the plane of origin where one of the species that lived there was pretty much the same as a fire elemental?

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  1. Scott Roche

    I picked PPoF since that’s what humans would call it more than likely.

  2. Sean Holland

    I like Mahjal because it sounds like roaring flame.

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