Summoning with the Words of Power

Having effects words of Servitor I - IX seem to be redundant. Every effect word is the ability to summon a single creature. As the Spell Level goes up, so do the CR of the creatures that can be summoned.

Moreover, have a separate table for druids and rangers is just annoying to me.

Here is one table to handle all Servitor effect words:

Spell Level CR
1 <1
2 1
3 2-3
4 4-5
5 6-7
6 8-9
7 10-11
8 12-13
9 14-16

This reduced nine effect words into one.

Combinations and Boosts

Any other effect words combines with this effect word will only affect the summoned creature. One boost can be used to summon 1d4 creatures instead of just 1.


This entry was very short. I'll have more on my next Words of Power post.