Eclectic Campaign

Any gamer worth his/her salt reads Jeff's Gameblog for good reason. He has some really good ideas. I was happy to discover an older post of his through a post on Herb's Places to Go, People to Be site.

In Herb's post, he draws together his recipe for an alchemical campaign. You can read the link to see his sources. Jeff's original post is inspiring in its simplicity and daunting in its execution.

Two Page Campaign Area Writeup

Reading around Dragon'sfoot, a poster submitted a two page write-up for a campaign area. (Link to thread here.) The submission was a write up for the Principality of Kedmere.

This is a concise and easily adaptable summary of a campaign area, complete with a map. Major cities and towns get a good description along with population, leaders, and other important details.

It is easy to imagine that providing more detail to areas within Kedmere could be done with a similar two page write up. For example, a writeup on Belmord complete with city map, building details, etc.

All in all this is an excellent way of presenting broad areas of the campaign world. I can get lost in centuries of history, but this straight-to-the-point presentation is 'just right'.