Tekumel Activity

The Tekumel group over at Yahoo groups has been very active lately. I check my email and I see lots of messages about all kinds of things. One thread asks the question, "What if a summer blockbuster movie was created based on Tekumel?" Besides being cool as all get out, lots of perspectives are shared about how, who, and what such a movie should look like. Another thread talks about a probable location to start a colony. The rationale is that the GM wants to start a campaign in a different way from the traditional way. Outside of that, there is excitement about an Open D6 based tekumel game starting up. There a good thread about insanity and how it is treated in Tekumel. There is even a thread about a player that will not play within the social norms of Tekumel.

All in all, some very good stuff. All of this makes me think that the interest in Tekumel may be picking up. Rock on Tekumel.