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4 thoughts on “The Front

  1. Certainly with an ammo die. That sounds great.

    But heat goes up and down — you’d need to do something trickier to make that work.

  2. Jesse Cox that”s true. I was thinking about the traditional way a usage die works in the black hack to make to do smaller and an switch to slug throwers to make it slowly make the die go up.

  3. That could make sense.

    Actually, you could classify a few systems (your fusion drive, a bank of lasers, jump boots, etc) as “high heat” and if the heat die comes up equal or below (number high heat systems used) your Shutdown die gets smaller — and if you roll the maximum value, the Shutdown die gets bigger.

    Going “cool” might let the die get bigger.

    Shutting down fully (required if you shrink a d4 Shutdown die) probably recharges one die size per turn…but you have to stay shut down until you hit d12.

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