The Magic Item I Didn’t Submit

I wanted to submit this to the OSR Superstar contest, so I wrote it down on an index card to be posted later.

Then I lost the index card.

Despite all the effort in the world, I couldn't remember it, so I came up with something else on the fly. I was happy with it, but I was bothered that I just couldn't remember one of my original ideas.

Two days after the deadline, I found the index card in my pocket, right where I left it.

Without further adieu, the idea behind what would have been one of the Magic Items in the Contest:

Gauntlets of Ghost Grappling

These gauntlets allow the wearer to physically touch and harm incorporeal creatures. The gauntlets do not allow the wearer to use non-magical weapons to affect incorporeal creatures. The wearer can, however, punch ghosts and/or grapple with them.

And that was it. I was going to expand on it a bit before submission, but instead, I leave it here for anyone to use if they would like to.