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With all the talk about page count and intro boxes, I have decided that the next game I make will be quite small. No huge subsystems, no 128 pages. Just something straightforward that me and my non-gamer friends can play.

I came upon this link today about Target20. One page handles all the mechanical stuff you need to know. The rest of the text of a Target20 based game can be fluff and GM advice. How cool is that?

Seeing as I am currently fixated on d20+d10, if I had a game like this to make, I'd use the following formula:

(d20 + d10) + level + modifiers >=26

Why 26 instead of 30? Because of the bell curve in the D20+D10 dice. If I thought I could make the spell creation system work in a similar fashion, I'd be tempted to redo all of Andras this way. Heck, I may do that anyway. It wouldn't be the first time I did a reboot.

For what it is worth, I tried coming up with something that uses only regular six-sided dice, but the bell-curve seems too steep for my tastes. Basically, once past 9th or 10th level, you master anything you attempt. (though using 5d6 isn't *too* bad). If I have time, I may recalculate for d6s and see what I get.

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  1. Keith Davies

    d20+d10 has a mean value of 16 and a wickedly wide flat area (11-21 each have 10, then a triangle curve to each side — you have only a 22.5 of getting over 21, without modifiers. About +9 total modifier is needed to have a 52.5% chance of success; +8 is 47.5%.

    Incidentally, there’s a great tool for this sort of analysis at AnyDice.

    • John Payne

      I used AnyDice looking at this. It is a great tool.

      I’ll have to do another math post about it.

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