No kidding. The website is here.

So far, negotiations for the teams is part-way finished. They are looking to have a 16 game season with no preseason. They are also incorporating a few changes similar to Canadian Football. Three point PAT from the 10 yard line, 4 point FGs from beyond 55 yards. No touchbacks or kneel downs.

Of more interest is an ability to ask the commissioner a question. I asked this morning about the availability of the old USFL stats. I suggested that publishing those stats in detail would be something that could add interest to the new league.

What I did not say is that the few of us that enjoy football board games could make teams for the various games. I doubt that Paydirt teams could be created, but maybe STATS has play by play information from the old USFL. (who knows?)

Keep an eye out for 2010. The new USFL is coming. Hooray!