I've recently decided to be okay with my unfinished projects. Rather than try to perfect them, I want to just post the ideas to share with everyone. Click here for all the posts in the series.

I write a lot of in-world lore for any game I prepare to run. As a kid reading Stephen King novels, I appreciated that all his stories are in the same multiverse, so I decided to do the same. The result was that I put easter eggs in all my campaigns. Here's are some of the highlights:

  • There was an ORION agent stranded in Greyhawk that kept logs for Agent 13.
  • There is an ancient mech buried in a mountain that would serve as a dungeon and a plot device to defeat the tarrasque.
  • I had a crystalline sphere for Centurion Legion. A very small grav tank would make it to the game world that would use its fusion engine to power an asteroid civilization to rival the Rock of Bral.
  • An alien sorcerer from FASERIP made their way to an alternate Spelljammer world. They worked with an Arcane trader as adventurers for hire. (They were an NPC party that never saw play.)
  • I have Sportsworld that is the home for all the Statis-Pro sports games and Tudor Electric Football games I ever played. One of the Statis-Pro teams has a lost half-elf running back that would become one of the greatest the game ever saw. I had sketched out an adventure where his family hired the party to bring him home.
  • Analytical Engines from Space 1989 (a dystopian future Space 1889 world that no longer needed liftwood) made their way to the FASERIP game world and hilarity would ensue.

In an attempt to collect all of the worlds and their stories together, I have several three-ring binders, notebooks and sketchpads with older information. I use Obsidian, Fantasia Archive, and Github for newer information. The result is what I call the Sycarion Continuum.

I'm not sure that I will ever be able to create my Magnum Opus or use D&D/Cypher System to stat out everything, but at least I can share it here. I may be the only person that understands these stories and their characters. The game stuff will be as unbalanced as heck. That said, the hope is that just publishing all of this stuff (with only the lightest of editing) will provide a spark for someone else's work. The goal is to get into the habit of writing or at least paying off the idea debt.

The first handful of posts are already scheduled. The next sets of posts (maybe 30 to 40) will be things that are already written in various paper and digital archives.