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Break from Pro-Action Football

Took the weekend off from the football project. I left my thumb drives somewhere and I won't get them back until tomorrow.

Still, found a game group in town and played Scythe. What a fun setting.

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  1. Keith J Davies

    On my list to try, but I’m not buying in unless and until I decide it’s worth that much to me… I’ll need to find someone who has a copy, I suppose.

  2. John Payne

    Keith J Davies I think it’s worth it, if you have at least three others to play with. We had a full table and it was great.

    Yes, we spent six moves figuring out everything, but by the end, we began to hit our stride.

  3. Keith J Davies

    We don’t often have four players. Often it’s only two, we can get three fairly often, but in the last couple of years I think I could count the number of four-player games played on the fingers of one foot.

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