Two quick updates:

* Completely revamped chart-based spellcasting
* Got another color finished for Color-Based Magic

You may be thinking All the words are English, but the meaning is uncertain.

I know, despite being an English major, I write like a breathless eight year old. I guess I'm showing my regression in mental age. 🙂

Color-Based magic is a project to categorize spells by a color. Each color represents a group of spells that share one or more common themes. The colors are not like D&D spell categories. For example, there isn't one color to represent all evocation spells.

Chart-Based Spellcasting is a project to change how spellcasters in The Black Hack cast spells. Instead of memorizing spells from a book, these spellcasters reference a self-made chart. Each chart provides access to five or six spells, but due to their homemade nature, there is a chance the spell will fail.

In the setting I am working on for the month of November, these spellcasters scour the world for alien devices to make the charts. Through a stone-like buckler strapped to their off-arm, they access the charts they make to cast spells.