A few days ago, Michael Wolf of Stargazer's World posted an srd of his popular Warrior, Rogue & Mage game. Although the game itself has a very generous license, the SRD is released under the Creative Commons v.3 Unported license. The big change from a different license is the ability to publish something commercially. Otherwise, this removes any barrier for the creation of derivative works.

With the help of Euller Pereira and the encouragement of the folks in the Stargazer's Games G+ Community, a website has been created from the SRD. The goal of the site is to be a hub for the core rules, links to games based on WYRM, and downloads.

R.E. Davis over at Chaos Grenade has also posted about this including a reference to Euller's call to arms that originally got the revitalization project started. In short, let's make some awesome stuff with WYRM.

On the SRD Site, there are links to WYRMM based games including Resolute, Adventurer, & Genius , WYRED, Patchwork Fantasy, and others. (We're still looking for Dice Monkey's Pointman, Hacker & Thief). One of the great things about the WYRM engine is that games based on it are not shemped fantasy tropes with different names. Often times, new mechanics and gameplay elements are introduced.

So I declare that the first twelve days of February to be The Twelve Days of WYRM. Please join in, add a link in the comments and I'll create a post on the 13th with the full list.