In case you have not already heard, April 17th is Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day.

The good news is that I have a bunch of half to mostly finished ideas to draw from. The bad news is that my life and brain seem determined to keep me from finishing just one idea. Gamer ADD can be the opposite of fun sometimes. 🙂

I posted this list on G+ in the S&W Community, but I'll post it again here. What would you like to see?

  • More uses of the Turn Undead mechanic.
  • Psionics for S&W that defines the psionic character class by what he or she fights (incorporeal creatures including ghosts and shadows).
  • Mechs/hovertanks for S&W.
  • Re-imagined (not just serial numbers filed off) spelljammer like setting.
  • Hewcasting - a form of magic that temporarily strips the target of its essence. That essence is then used to cast spells, research magic or create magic items.
  • Ghost generator (with the assumption that ghosts are not undead.)
  • SE Asian inspired classes/magic/items etc.
  • My house rules in multiple electronic formats (including .chm).
  • Anything Almuric
  • Dragon Magic (they have a built-in awesome delivery mechanism)
  • Priests of Different Mythoi
  • A petty god of the Reincarnated, the Wrongly Re-formed and the Poorly Polymorphed
  • Sideways Time Travel

I'm not saying that I make the greatest gaming stuff ever or anything like that. But it would help me focus to know if there is interest in any of the ideas. I'm not objective, I tend to see the "big flaw" in some of these things and decide that publishing them isn't worth it.

Feel free to comment here on on the G+ Post.