I'm on a roll with consistent posts for the first time in a long time. With another project that is ongoing, I'm hoping to parlay my output here into output for it. Generally, once I start writing, I keep writing. I have the other project more outlined than the 2e project...

But I digress.

The one change that I plan to make (we'll see how it playtests) is to change the schools of magic from opposition to more of an Wu Xing generation cycle. Instead of schools in opposition to each other, every school has one that can overpower it and another that it can overpower. Although the effects are more subtle than this, it would be like wizards of a given school having a +2 effect on wizards of one school and a -2 on wizards of another school.

The rationale for this is to allow GMs to easily add new schools of magic. With oppositional schools of magic, a GM can only add an even number of schools. Then he/she will have to determine how the new schools interact with the older ones. With a generation cycle, find a place to insert the new school and the GM's work is done.

A minor rationale for this is ascetic. I think a nine-pointed star is more mystical than an asterisk. (This is a reference to the PHB). You can find them in a lot of places or use Gfig in The GIMP to generate one.

Finally, I may or may not add the school of time. It is quite tempting, but not because I want to define a chronomancer. I just like the spells that deal with time.

More soon, I hope. I am hoping that I can get a lot done on my other project.