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Yesterday, I went down a slippery slope. I started messing with gematria as a spell building system.

    Yesterday, I went down a slippery slope. I started messing with gematria as a spell building system.

So, a ran the gematria for all the spells in The Black Hack, The Rules Cyclopedia, and the Rules Cyclopedia spell names translated into Latin. (Thanks Encounter zine issue #3).

I will post the results shortly. After that, I am back to the Blue spells for my homebrew.

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  1. Paolo Greco

    I’m always interested in this kind of stuff

  2. John Payne

    Paolo Greco Since it changes the spell levels it requires a bit of modification to use. For example, Magic Missile becomes a level 5 spell, so you have to amp up the effect to match the spell level.

    If you rename Magic Missile to Flaming Missile, it becomes level 1 again.

    I hope to post a list of renamed spells that have the appropriate level attached to them.

  3. Paolo Greco

    does it also have extra rules?

  4. John Payne

    Paolo Greco It will need to. I am thinking that it will need to have guidelines for raising and lowering the effect of the spell to match the new level or at least a list of words already computed to make it easier to achieve the spell level desired.

    What would think that it needs? I am really open to suggestions.

  5. R. Scott Kennan

    Be careful, man. I just spent 13 years turning Kabbalah into an RPG that no one seems interested in.

  6. R. Scott Kennan

    My point is not that people won’t be interested in your project, just that this stuff can get out of control.

  7. Paolo Greco

    R. Scott Kennan? care to send me the draft?

  8. R. Scott Kennan

    I’m away from my computer for the day, but later tonight, sure. The game’s in three parts, as it’s a toolkit. The first part concerns the ten sephirot of the tree of life, and the other two parts concern the Hebrew alphabet as tools of creation. You model anything you need, from characters to settings or even more focused games with rules components that correspond to these kabbalistic concepts.

  9. R. Scott Kennan

    I forgot to mention, only the first part-concerning the sephirot, is in usable form. Ostensibly, the game’s in playtest, but none of my playtesters seem to be doing anything with it, per se.

  10. R. Scott Kennan

    John Payne, I’m really sorry to post yet again on your thread, regarding my game, but I can’t find a way to send a file to Paolo Greco.I don’t have his email, and the file’s not on google drive.

    I’m just posting to say that if you, Paolo, want access to the file, you can sign up for the playtest on my site, yetzirahgames.com on the slightly outdated “Tribute” page. That way I’ll get your email address, and can add you to the Slack group that has the files. This offer goes for anyone who might be interested. The playtest is still open.

    There’s even a more advanced version of the first file that didn’t work out for most readers, but someone who’s studied Kabbalah might understand. It’s playable, but the way I modeled the components was too much for a person who is new to Kabbalah. I reworked the game after that to give people a lower barrier to entry.

    No worries if you can’t participate in the actual playtest, It’s been dead since the latest file went out, despite private comments that this version was better than the last.

    And John Payne, thank you for tolerating my posts in this thread. I didn’t set out to talk about my game. I just wanted to warn you about how deep this rabbit hole can go. 😀
    yetzirahgames.com – Welcome

  11. John Payne

    R. Scott Kennan Post away! Doesn’t bother me at all.

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