Lorica – No Rules Just Stats

After the 1976 word monolith of the last post, here are a few of the almost 60 mechs I've designed for the Lorica add-on. Remember that these mechs use the Andras system, a 2e-inspired clone. That means group initiative, weapon speeds, etc. Unfortunately, copying from a spreadsheet required me to cut off the weapons speeds. Feel free to modify and use as you see fit.

Name Loanza

Engine 1300 MASS 143 tons
Hp 720

AC 3 AAC 16
MV 8

COST 1,003,300

Weapons Range Power Mass Damage
Form III 20 10 4 8+1d8
125mm 15 6 47 28+1d12
SR(12) 6 2 15 1d12 x 6

Hp stands for Hull points. 1 Hull point is 12 hit points. Damage is given in Hull points as well. Form III is a laser, 125mm is a slug thrower and the Short Range missiles fire in bursts of 12 mini-missiles. Before you think the Hull points are high, compare the firepower between this light mech and a different medium mech:

Name Centus

Engine 1600 MASS 234 tons
HP 1080

AC 1 AAC 18
MV 6

COST 1,277,800

Weapons Range Power Mass Damage
Form VII 20 21 8 24+1d8
100mm RG 10 1 23 18+1d6
LR(16) 10 3 26 2d8 x 4
LR(16) 10 3 26 2d8 x 4
SR(12) 6 2 15 1d12 x 6
SAMD-5 0 21 20 84

Again, Form VII is a laser. The 100mm RG is a railgun. LR is long range missiles as opposed to SR for short range. SAMD is the Sandcater Anti-Missile Defense system. It functions like damage resistance to attacks from missiles.

Still, you may say, this seems like an unstoppable juggernaut. I don't have the assault mechs designed yet, but here is the upper end of a medium mech. May I present the Onager:

Name Onager

Engine 1600 MASS 354 tons
HP 1080

AC 0 AAC 19
MV 4

COST 1,795,300

Weapons Range Power Mass Damage
Form IV 20 12 5 12+1d8
275mm 10 18 135 96+1d12
LR(10) 10 2 16 1d10 x 4
LR(10) 10 2 16 1d10 x 4
SR(20) 6 3 25 1d20 x 6
SR(20) 6 3 25 1d20 x 6
SAMD-4 0 16 16 60

In case you're wondering, yes, there are bigger lasers available. There are also a few slug throwers with a higher caliber, but not many.

The last note I'll make is that these could just as easily be hovertanks, ground tanks or any other kind of armored vehicle. I didn't list the ones that carry infantry, engineering equipment, etc.

More later...