Tiezerakan Details

In the spirit of Erin's post about just getting to the point, here are some options with Tiezerakan.

Weapon Proficiencies:

All weapons cost one slot to purchase. Warriors can take a specialty in any weapon listed.

Ship Weapons

Cannon (12 pounders to Cannonades)
Grapeshot (4 pounders to 8 pounders)

Personal Weapons

Wheellock Pistol
Wheellock Rifle
Repeating Crossbow

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

All new non-weapon proficiencies below cost one point each.

Alien Cultures: INT - 1
Cartography: INT - 2
Gambling: WIS - 1
Interplanetary Navigation: INT - 2
Planetology: INT - 1
Shipbuilding: DEX
Ship-to-Ship Communication: INT + 1
Spacefaring Crewman: DEX + 2
Survival (Space): WIS - 1
Pilot: WIS - 2
Weightless Combat: DEX/INT - 1 (Whichever is higher)

As you can see with the new proficiencies, rogues can do very well. Many crewman are rogues. STR is not the base ability for any of the new proficiencies, however all classes can, in theory, pilot a ship, navigate the stars, etc. However, piloting, mapping and navigation usually favor Wizards.

In Tiezerakan, brute strength has no advantage over those who have great control of their body or the cunning to be in the right place at the right time. Adventures on spacefaring ships are two parts ingenuity, one part knowledge, one part good sense and a whole lot of luck.

Example Kits

Rouge Kit - Pirate

Weapon Proficiency - Any, but either Cannon and Grapeshot or Ballista and Crossbow recommended.
Non-Weapon Proficiency - Crewman required. Survival (space) recommended. Navigation or Piloting required to become a Captain.

Pirates are common in Tiezerakan. Many adventure seekers either begin as pirates or end up as pirates at some point in life.

Priest Kit - Emissary

Sent out by the gods to gain converts in the places between planets, an Emissary travels in search of converts and the destroy the enemies of his/her deity. They are prepared to do battle first and preach later.

Weapon Proficiency - Any available to the priest. They can choose firearms.
Non-Weapon Proficiency - Piloting required. Navigation and Planetology required.

Domains: An emissary does not have the spells available to clerics. They have access to spell levels 1 to 7 in two domains, and spell levels 1 to 3 in two others.

A new domain is available that helps crewman survive long trips, find a direct path, even cause a ship to "jump ahead" arriving much earlier than possible by convention means.

Later, there will be a psionicist kit and a wizard kit.