Breaking the Second Rule of Blogging

Second rule of blogging: Don't apologize for a lack of posting.

I am trying to finish the posts about The Tunnel. It is a fantastic location that relies on Spelljammer mechanics. Essentially, it is Spelljammer's version of a wormhole, but the two endpoints exist on two different planets. Despite the Spelljammer mechanics, the universe is based more on Pythagoras instead of Ptolemy. That means that the Sun is "The Central Fire" and that all planets have a twin that revolves at exactly the same velocity, but on the other side of the Central Fire.

However, there may be delays in posting. There is some extended illness in the family for the missus and I. We don't have the same condition, but I won't speak to her illness. For me, it is a combination of arthritis (knee) and extended flu-like symptoms (sans fever). The result feels very much like walking pneumonia wherein I have some energy at the start of the day, but I am completely exhausted by 7pm.

I barely posted a walk-through of grappling rules I posted on G+ but I don't have the energy to follow-through beyond that. I'm not sure I'll be able to teach my class tomorrow, either. Ugh.

So I hope things will change soon. Nothing definitive from the doctor yet, but I promise I won't fill the blog with constant medical updates. Just wanted to say that I'm still here and I hope to finish.

Last side note: 5e has very similar goals to what I wanted for Andras. That encourages me for some reason.