Enough is enough.

I want to like 5e. In many ways, the modular approach of 5e is similar to what I want to do with Andras. I like simple combat that uses no minis. I like DM Fiat. I like players inventing things because they are not chained to their character sheet.

I look forward to being able to walk into a FLGS and play 5e with total strangers and/or a coupe friends I know. I hope 5e does a little to dislodge the cotillion of Warhammer40K players from taking over every table, every night at one of the FLGS in town. (When I asked, they don't even have any 40K games taking new players. I tried!)

All of this is well and good. As of right now, though, all we get is polls, semi-vague answers parceled out three nuggets at a time, and a flurry of "I-Played-But-I-Have-An-NDA" posts.

So forget it. No missing-the-point posts about gender ability score maximums, speculative what-I-want posts, edition-wars-without-a-freaking-ruleset-to-argue-from posts, or even fake I-disregard-my-NDA posts. Just tell me when the open playtest starts. No email with "sneak peek, but you have to sign an NDA". The REAL playtest. Get on with it.

Too much hype. Thank you for re-designing a website that makes it impossible to find anything. That's great. Keep going, the DC for finding anything in the forums has gone down from 45 to 40. Still, please start the playtest or just tell us you announced an open playtest before legal signed off on it so I know it will be another three to six months before we get any details.

Get going!

Until then, I have ACKS. At least I can pay $5 to see the playtest rules for them. ACKS has many of things I want in my game and I look forward to the Player's Companion when it comes out so that I can use the class maker.

Like every other ruleset, I'm going to add Spelljammer type stuff, so I like the idea that I can create various planets, have some dwarves, elves, humans, and one or two extra races and the classes on each planet are different. Since ACKS does race as class, I hope the class creation system also has a form of race creation inside it.

I've seen ACKS, but I haven't purchased it yet, but I will. It is a great game that does everything I want. I may not buy the GM's Companion if that comes out next, but the Core Rules and the Player's Companion sound very good. I will take the time to learn this game in the hope of playing with others.

And of course, there's always the interplanetary travel thing. 🙂