I'm finding that I spend so much time reading on G+ that I am not really posting. When someone asked about the ACKS psionics thing that I was working on, I spent a lot of time writing there instead of here. In fairness, the spreadsheets I need to finish seem to have somehow migrated off my Thumb drive onto my work computer.

Still, the point is, I've spent several hours I don't really have reading on G+. Not a complaint, just an admission of my ADD.

So for the ACKS Psionicist Class, a few things:

  • Point-based system.
  • Magic does not equal psionics. In other words, psionics are not just another form of magic.
  • There are wild talents, but almost 98% of the individuals with a wild talent become a psionicist because...
  • ...there is a game reason to be a psionicist. Mages must have a gift to cast spells - you have it or you don't.
  • Wild talents are treated like proficiencies.
  • No multi-classing with a psionicist.
  • Powers from OD&D and Dragon#24 are included, but there are new powers, too. The choices of power reinforce the assumed campaign premise for their existence, so they may seem a bit odd.
  • What? No psionic blast? How will the phrenic scourge inspire fear the hearts of adventurers? The answer is that it will be really, really nasty.
  • Powers do not have levels like spells. Yes, there are ritual powers.
  • Psionic combat is different.