Some time ago, I was working on a my own RPG Heartbreaker called Andras. With several campaigns over multiple rulesets, I was looking for a common game to convert them to.

Then, I found ACKS. It is probably the closest thing to the amalgam of B/X, AD&D, Spelljammer and Rules Cyclopedia I played with my high school group. Half of all the game worlds I've done are forms of that high school rule set. The other half are either d20-ish or Savage Worlds.

So, I set out to create a toolset that would allow me to fairly quickly create a bunch of ACKS material to share. I discovered Markdown and various Markdown editors and began to write. I thought that by using Markdown, I could save time writing. After everything was written in Markdown, I could convert it to odt files (with pandoc) and put it in LibreOffice to compile into a Master Document. From there, Calibre would churn out eBooks in various formats and Scribus would help me with the PDF.

After a month of trying to get Markdown, Textile and other markup scripts to work for me, I've discovered that it is just easier to use LibreOffice to begin with. OSR games have lots of tables. Markup languages either do not allow easy typing of tables, or do not have an app that allows a quick preview of what you're writing. Being dyslexic, I need that visual feedback to make sure the table itself is formed correctly. (LibreOffice can do spell checking.)

So, now I am back to setting up templates and Autotext entries in LibreOffice. I used mail merge to build the list of psionic powers. The psionic class has been typed up (with all tables except the one for psionic combat.) After tonight or tomorrow night, all of that should be in place.

So I apologize for the delay in releasing the ACKS Psionicist. I have been working the entire time, just on the wrong things. So it's time for content, content, content. The only interruption will be getting the Player's Companion and making sure the class fits into the system well enough.

Feel free to follow Sycarion Diversions on Google Plus. I've gotten help from two folks there to come up with name titles, explain psionic combat and talk about how the psionicist class got its XP Progression.

Aiming for Memorial Day for the Psionicist and Kelyn of Ilrion. Then Tiezerekan  or Tanah-Con-Ranh by the end of the summer.