Part of this came from a desire to see all of a dragon's stats. Limiting a red dragon to bite or breath seemed very limiting. Dragons are much more than that, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Another part comes from a desire to give back to a game system I love.

While I have a few minutes, wanted to jot down some ideas:

Nyoka - Supreme deity of dragons. Often referred to as Nyokala Dithi, the Story Dragon. Has three children known by various names:

Veles (the Shepherd) - God of the metallic dragons. Also known by other names.

Ket - Serpentine God of the Chromatic Dragons. Also known as Tiamat.

Isuan (the controller) - Aloof god of the gem dragons.

Sang is Nyoka's avatar. He hold court over the Lung Dragons of the East.

Outside of Nyoka's influence are the three Pearl Dragons. Their origins are a mystery.

They can take the form of a humanoid or a dolphin. Their scales are smooth and take the appearance of dolphin skin at all stages of their lives.

White Pearl - usually evil. Hates humanoids.
Black Pearl - usually good. Loves humanoids, especially elves.
Dark Pearl - usually neutral. Tends to be the studious one - more spells or psionic ability.