In the spirit of the new year and Yet Another ReOrg, all the sites hosted by me are being revamped. I plan on downloading the whole she-bang for a backup copy and moving stuff around. When it is done, this site will look the same.

Other changes for this site include a more narrow focus:

Main Focus for RPG games will be a focus on Microlite20 and Action! System only.
Bullet points

  • Mnemosyne and MUSE will continue to have a wiki, but will share space with a hypertext M20.
  • Will concentrate on creating add-ons in PocketMod, ODF, and PDF formats.
  • Hope to create a 'just right' sized carrying case for a PocketMod.
  • Pre-made PocketMods for sale at DriveThru RPG

For other games, I hope to collorate with a friend of mine on his projects as well as a few of my own. My friend, Jeff, has created a board game of his own and has ideas for several CCG type card games. In addition to my own ideas, we hope that this collaboration will lead to better implementation of our ideas. (As a side note, ideas are a dime a dozen. What is important is implementation.

For the blog, I hope to post once or twice a week. Posts will vary to things like variant rules to existing games or combining games you may already own. Of course, I love card games, so be prepared for various Rook(TM), UNO(TM), or playing card variants.

Happy 2009 everyone. I hope to do more to serve the gaming community and, of course, build readership in the new year.

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